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Destination Image Perceptions of Foreign Tourists Visiting Safranbolu
Safranbolu, an attractive city with its Ottoman houses and natural beauties, is an important tourism destination wherefore the popularity has increased because of taking place in the world heritage list for foreign tourists and also closeness to metropolitan areas for domestic tourists. This study aims to develop an understanding on the image perceptions of foreign tourists towards Safranbolu in the context of sustainable management of historic city. In this study a questionnaire was conducted on 400 foreign tourists using face to face interview. Within the context of destination image of the foreign tourists, we have found that they are satisfied with the city image, tourist guiding and transportation facilities. Besides, we found that this satisfaction level changes according to the demographic characteristics of the tourists. This study will be useful on preservation, revitalization and management of heritage sites for local investors, managers, and local authorities

Destination, image, Safranbolu

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