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The Views of Mothers and Teachers towards Children’s Curiosity: Science Concept
Learning is a lifelong process and starts with curiosity. In particular, there is a need for children to perceive and make a comment on the surrounding the child lives in the preschool education where basic knowledge and skills dealing with life is formed, and also a need for an order in this complex surrounding. At this point, it is necessary that parents and educators should be a guide in showing the ways to have an access to information by being aware of the knowledge and curiosity of the child. The purpose of the current study was to investigate to what extent teachers and mothers know the knowledge and curiosity of children in the field of science and how they could be a guide in meeting their curiosity. In line with these aims, semi-structured interview technique was used in order to gather data. Eight separate categories as the world, sky, beneath the ground, underwater, animals, plants, space and machinery were formed by the researchers. In order to obtain the views of mothers and teachers with regard to the knowledge and curiosity of the children in these categories, an interview form was formed. In this form, it was investigated how mothers and teachers answered the questions regarding the curiosity of the children. In the interviews carried out with mothers and teachers face to face, they were asked what the child knows, what he is curious about and how the child answered the questions. The working group was comprised of the mothers of 30 children at the age of five and six attending to a preschool education institution in the city of Karabük and 10 teachers working with a child group of five and six years of age in Karabük. In the analysis of the data, a descriptive analysis was used. In the part of conclusion, the information obtained as result of data analysis was discussed and some recommendations were given.

Curiosity, Science, Child, Mother-Teacher.

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