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The Events During the First World War and the Approaches of Kazak Intelligents
First World War caused many severe and destructive events which cannot be erased from human memory. One of the area where the severe and destructive consequences of the war took place is Middle Asia. This area became a center for Russia which stared this land for its pecuniary resource and human power to guarantee itself and to outmaneuver against its enemies. Kazakhstan, has the largest area in the region, was one of the country which suffered a lot from the consequences. People were suffering under overtax. With recruiting all the men, in 1916 like the whole Middle Asia, a riot started in Kazakhstan. The rebellions were surpressed severely and people exposed to the slaughter. The literary people and the tellers did not become indifferent to the overtax and the rebellion which caused by First World War. Many of the poets, tellers and writers expressed the feelings of the people that the events taking place in thier countries are unacceptable. They sometimes reflected their opinions directly and sometimes implicitly or with symbols in their works. These writers and poets, presented the things that Russia government did which were too much for his people in his poems and wished his people moving together. ln the study, how the events which First World War caused will take place in poems in Kazakhstan literature.

1916 events, Kazak, Poetry, First World War.

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