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The Effect of Learning Centers on the Children’s Leisure Time Activity Behaviors at Pre-School Institutions
The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between classroom environment and teachers’ attitudes and leisure time activity behaviors of children. This study included a total of 20 pre-school teachers, ten of whom were employed in kindergartens and the other ten were in preschools. A semi-structured interiew form designed by the researchers depending on the related literature was used to collect the data of the study. Data of the study was analyzed by using content analysis. Results revealed that various learning centers were located in the classrooms, and most of the teachers found them sufficent. Results also indicated that the materials used during the process of teaching and learning were chosen by the school administrators and that majority of the teachers did not accept parents participating in free game sessions. Results of the study were discussed in line with the related literature.

Learning Centers, Leisure Time Activities, Pre-School Institution, Pre-School Teacher.

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