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New Media as a Tool of Socialization: A Theoretical Review
Technological developments affecting the whole world in communication area, have created a new formation in the media. This formation caused new communication tools called inthernet, social networks, bloggs and social media to affect to era. At the same time, important social changes and transformations have occurred. New media transformed the ways social interaction and relationship attributes, significantly reshape to social structure. It has led to the emergence of different forms of socialization. In this context, communities has become an increasingly network society thanks to new media environment. Also these socialization paths have created new ways of socializing forms. New media which is provided the identity formation has equipments, such as diversity and modernity. These provides richer and searchable contents for persons. Therefore, new media draws attention as an important socialization tool. Finally, the most important thing to be expressed that new media environments fully penetrating our daily lives has created a new public space.

Media, New Media, Socialization, Tools of socialization.

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