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Boza and its Types From Balkans to Anatolia and the Boza Masters of Balkan Origin in Turkey
Boza, which is one of the oldest and traditional beverages of Turks has been drunk and consumed fondly in the geographical regions that Turks are living since 10th century.Practices related with food and beverages have an important place in thecommunal living. Boza identifies the inevitable field of entertainment in traditional Ottoman society structure as well as well as in daily life today especially in the winter months. Therefore boza, bozahouese in which the trade of boza is carried out and the boza customs have an important place in our cultural heritage. Even if boza and the production of boza is practiced in many parts of the world, deep-rooted boza culture in Ottoman times and in Balkans today and the skills of the boza masters of Balkan origin are obvious. The purpose of this study is to determine the historical process of boza, boza culture in Balkans and the boza masters of Balkan origin practicing in Turkey by making use of what is mentioned above and to take a step in order to establish a collective memory.

Beverage, Boza, Balkans, Boza Masters of Balkan Origin.

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