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Resıdents’ Perceptıon Relatıng To Openıng Of Protected Area To Tourısm( The Case Of Yenice)
When the historical development of tourism is analyzed, it can be seen that local people’s perceptions has been one of the curicial issues as the choice of destination for tourists. Especially by the increased interest in cultural tourism, sustainable tourismconcept in protected areas has increased. While promoting a protected area as a tourism product which is open for improvement in economic aspect, the local people’s support should not be ignored. In doing so, both preserving the protected area and meeting the needs of local people and visitors are important for the development of the area without degredation. No matter how high the potential of touristic attractions in the area, development of tourism without support of the local people is very difficult. For this purpose, in development of tourism in Yenice, a protected area, perceptions of local people towards tourism are analyzed in the context of economic, socio-cultural, and environmental impacts. Data obtained from 698 residents using a questionnaire form are analyzed using nonparametric Mann-Whitney U and Kruskal-Wallis H test. Results show that there are significant differences between the gender, marital status, age, education status, length of residency, income, profession and the tourism impacts.

Residents’ Perception towards Opening the Protected Areas to Tourism (The Case of Yenice)

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