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Information Systems Applications in Enterprises: The Case of Iron and Steel Industry
TToday, access to information, dissemination, making it useful for business are realized much easier through IT systems. Businesses have advantages on labor productivity, faster communication, safety, automation in production, online sales and supply using these Technologies. These advantages provide the improvement of the rational level, performance improvement, customer satisfaction and competitiveness capability. At this point, the important issue for businesses is providing accurate information systems and its conversion into knowladge. In this study, information system activities of Karabük Kardemir Inc. of iron and steel factory, located in Karabük province are analyzed. In this context, a questionnaire was conducted with managers. The data were analyzed using frequency, percentage, one sample t-test method. The results indicate that iron and steel factory provides optimum benefits by the information systems and increases the overall operating performance. For sustainable increase in Performance, information systems and technology improvement must be followed and improvements must be adapted to business processes.

Information Systems, Information Technology, IT Strategy.

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