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The Effects of Administrative Duties to the Career Development of Academic Staff
The purpose of this study, academics involved in various management positions at universities, research question is how that affected their professional development because of administrative tasks. Research was carried out on the academics involved in the administrative stage of a state university. The data obtained by the survey method was evaluated by T test, Anova and Tukey test. The results generally indicate a positive impact on the professional development of administrative tasks undertaken by academics. Academics see this task as a professional competence indicator. But academics in senior management positions, are facing problems when it comes to participation in courses and scientific activities. Lower level managers is complaining to stay away from the development of the university and not to make a positive impact on the professional development of these tasks enough. Accordingly, to avoid the transfer of authority from top management executives academics will contribute to the elimination of existing problems.

Academician, Administrative Task, Career Development

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