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Sinop Match Factory
People leading the country and purposing to take important steps towards the industrialization right after the proclamation of the country, established business partnerships with the foreign companies. These businesses were monopoly, namely regie, and were extremely profitable structures. In this direction, it was decided to take in partnership with a Belgian company in 1924 and to establish a match factory in Sinop. The Belgian company was assigned full authority in terms of both foundation and running of the company and in match import and sales. Purposing to exploit the mentioned privileges to the fullest extent, the Belgian company postponed the establishment of thefactory as much as it could. The factory planned to be built on an uneven ground right out of Sinop, therefore, could never be opened. Upon all of these, the government terminated the contract with the Belgian company and gave the right to evolvement to an American company later on. In the end, Sinop Match Factory has turned out to be an unsuccessful enterprise forTurkey.

Sinop Match Factory, Match, Economic History of Turkey, Economic History, Republic History

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