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Legal Development and Judicial Organization in the Period of Prophet
In this article, the stages that passed of first period law formation and juridical organization in the Islamic history, was analyzed according to Hejaz area. The subject was included Prophet Muhammad. Before the legal development of period of the Prophet, briefly mentioned the law of in the Arabian Peninsula before Islam. After explaining the concepts of law and Islamic law, judicial organization of the newly established Islamic state was investigated. Judicial organization, is discussed as a result of the legal development and transformation. For this reason, the innovations in the field of social, economic and moral with the judicial innovations in functioning were examined. Mental and spiritual people targeted remodeling as a community, Islam in Mecca. However the Medina period, the organization has started slowly in all areas. Hz. Muhammad, the first job prepared a Constitution with those found around. Then, in order to strengthen this scheme, also Muâhat (Brotherhood) made a covenant nation, supported the concept. In terms of the legal and judicial organization, is preferred an understanding of who the people of the ummah and aims to achieve justice for the ummah. At the same time, the concept of Shura, placed in order of society. Thus, a social organization (ummah) functioning religious rules has emerged. The basic principle of this organization, was the essence "grows ummah the organization expands". The law of divine revelation was made on this principle and was forced to guarantee the unity of order. In this sense, innovation and reform in all areas of the law and the judiciary stood out. This formation and organization was been basic and source that law processing in the later periods. Legal processing and formations of this period was explained philosophy of intelligence of law and juridical of Islamic States.

Prophet Muhammad, institution of justice, law, juridical, act, court of justice

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