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White Table of Public Relations Practice: The Case of the Municipality of Uşak
Nowadays, all modern governments to provide information and accountability to the community about the services they perform, the work learning the people's wishes and ideas to take advantage of them, and so that is intended to ensure compliance with the highest proportion of society with their own public relations is to implement the management process to adopt as an indispensable element. The reason for existence of public administration in a democratic society is to serve the community. Management is a tool for the public. Municipalities, in accordance with this understanding, and the saving presence of the public service against him responsive, responsible and respectful must have a management philosophy. Local governments in the municipalities today is intertwined with the public and are an important foundation of democratic thought in the settlement. The public relations process in municipalities with this function; the determination of the services to be better and service roles that serve the audience and conveyed the highest rate of compliance undertaken towards ensuring increased cooperation increasingly important. In this context, various public relations activities in municipalities use public relations tools and techniques. In the study, the use of municipalities by 1994, initiated a review of the White Panel application is made for execution by the Municipality of Usak.

White Table, Public Relations, Municipalities.

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