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The Measurement of Service Quality with Servqual Scale: A Research on Uşak University Central Library
The quality in service business is one of the difficult and complicated concepts in terms to its application and the evaluation of its results. As the services are among the intangible products, to maintain the same quality and to serve it is quite difficult in terms of the business enterprises. As for the measurement of service, it is realised if the disparity between the exectations and perceptions of consumers are analysed. The improvement of the quality level of services that libraries provide as a non-profit-making but serving enterprises depends on the tangible and reliable data measurement. The purpose of this study is the measurement of quality at libraries. In accordance with this purpose, the Central Library of Uşak University is included in scope, 400 students benefiting from the library are surveyed and Servqual Measurement Scale has been benefited. In the analyses of acquired data, average, frequency distribution, Sevqual score, correlation analysis and paired sample test have been put to use.

Services Marketing, Service Quality, Service Quality Measurement of Servqual, Library

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