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A Theoretical Study on the Assessment of Tourism Potential of Isparta Province
The province of Isparta has the potential that provides the opportunity to realise almost all kinds of tourism throughout the year and hence in the future the sector of tourism would stand out not only for the regional development but also for the country. Particularly, Süleyman Demirel Museum of Development and Democracy, and the tourism activities regarding rose and lavender are the factors that would accelerate the tourism in Isparta. In the future it would be beneficial that these formative facts are going to be taken into account in the plans and programs relating the tourism sector. In the study, the assessment is made through secondary data in the context of literature review. According to the findings, it is determined that the alternative tourism potential is not adequately exploited as the local administrators do not address the tourism sector seriously, there is not adequate promotion either in national or international press, the accommodation capacity is insufficient, the province is not a centre of attraction for travel agencies, and the accommodation duration in the province is short.

Alternative Tourism, Eco Tourism, Isparta.

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