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Evaluation of Distance Education Applications from Students’ Perspective
The aim of this study is to evaluate the open and distance education applications by vocational school students’ perspective. In this descriptive study, purposeful sampling method was used in order to determine the study group which was composed of totally 115 students who continued the distance education and voluntarily accepted to participate in our study. In the data collection, "Distance Education Assessment Survey" which was prepared by researchers was used. Data were collected by using face-to-face interview technique when students came to school in the end of the education term for their exams. Conclusively, it was determined that students preferred the distance education because they wanted to continue their education while they were working in a job. The most important reason which prevented to follow up courses was the interruption of the internet connection. Besides, the most important factor which negatively affected the success of the student was the problems between students and lecturers during the learning and exam periods.

Distance education, higher education, university students.

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