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The Problems of Children in terms of Divorced Mothers
Divorce, as an increasing issue in all around the world, mostly affects to children. In this study, the problems of mothers who divorced from their husbands and their children were interviewed. The study conducted as qualitative research method. The study was conducted in seven different elementary schools in Sinop. In the study group, there were fifty volunteers divorced mother as participants. Researches point out that the single parent children have very wide range of problems. At the end of this study, divorced mothers concluded their children’s problems in three group themes such as emotional, behavioral and cognitive. School administrators, teachers and counselors should be aware of single parents’ children problems. It is important that divorced mothers should take professional help about their relations with their children. It is recommended that future studies can investigate the effects of divorce on differentiation of problems according to children’s age and sex.

Divorce, Single mothers, Problems of single parents’ children

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