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Overhangs in Traditional Houses of Uşak
Architectural structures are important in shaping the city from past to present. So residential architecture appears to be importance with design and material of the reflecting region in civil architectural products in architectural history. Overhangs bow windows, which are an important element of old Turkish houses, are utilized in most of the Uşak’s old houses. Overhangs, which are constructed through plain and modest facade planning in the houses of the region to provide a relationship between the street and the living floor that is situated above the ground floor, are diverse and differ among buildings. In the region, where plans without overhangs or plans with single floors are also encountered in addition to examples with a single, double, or floor overhangs; 112 houses were included in the scope of the research. In the study, it was determined that overhangs were generally concentrated on the front facade, and the examples of floor overhangs were higher in number. It was observed that despite the narrow street planning, houses with angular overhangs were also fondly preferred. In this study analysis was performed in Aybey District, Bozkurt District, Işık District, İslice District, Karaağaç District, Kemalöz District, Küme District, Özdemir District ve Ünalan District in Central District of Usak Province.

Domestic Architecture, Traditional Houses, Facade Arrangements, Overhang, Uşak.

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