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Being a Woman Journalist: Analyzing Uçan Haber “Woman and Media” Special Issue
Abstract Women rights and gender issue have become apparent since 1970s in the world and 1980s in Turkey. Thus redefining women’s identity and their roles in society and developing women studies have gained acceleration. This development also gives opportunities to women to take place in business world as media employees and support them to be visible in professions such as journalism, reporting and editorship. However subordination of women, unequal attitudes and behaviors to them and prejudices against them are still critical problems to be solved in patriarchal business order so in media sector as well. This study aims to define Turkish journalist women’s position in media corporations, problems and challenges they face with, and their complaints regarding their professional status. Within this context, the periodical Uçan Haber’s (Flying News) special issue about journalist women was analyzed. Uçan Haber is the publication of Flying Broom Communication and Research Association (Uçan Süpürge.

Women studies, woman journalist, Uçan Haber, Flying Broom, women rights.

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