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Horse Culture and Horse Races-Düzce Sample
The horse riding is an important part of Turkish culture. Horse races were used to be made even though in hardest times of liberation war. The horse, which was one of the most important symbols of social life until 1970s, play a significant role in entertainment and sports activities in our country. History of horse racings in Düzce is old as well as history of city and it’s very popular. Alhas Çavuş is the first horseman in Düzce. The horse racings held in Düzce can be divided into two groups as recreation racings and wedding racings. A great example of sportsmanship races were generally organized for the public utility services such as school and mosque construction. Equestrian games such as Deri Kapma (leather grabbing) were played in weddings. Düzce was a center for horse racing by the time cars become widespread. Today, institutional efforts are needed in order to revive this culture.

Horse, Horse Races, Leather Grabbing

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