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Perceptions of Tourism Students towards Tourism Industry: A study on Karabuk University Students
Determining the perceptions of university level tourism students towards tourism industry is a critical issue for identifying the problems of the industry, finding out the reasons that cause employees departing the industry, and attracting educated personnel into the sector. Because a significant number of educated students move away from the sector due to the hard working conditions and shift to other sectors. From this point of view determining the perceptions of tourism students towards the tourism industry is significant in order to find out the reasons that detract students from the sector. In this study, perceptions of Karabük University students studying tourism were examined from the perspectives of working conditions, employee-tourism harmony, social status-promotion, managers and colleagues, wages and additional payments, motivation and private life. Using the survey technique data obtained from the sample of 393 respondents were analyzed by non-parametric tests such as Mann-Whitney U Testi and Kruskal-Wallis H tests. Analysis showed that students have negative perceptions towards the working conditions of the industry. There are also significant differences between the perceptions of undergraduate and graduate degree students towards the industry.

Tourism perceptions, tourism students, career, Karabük.

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