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Conformity Evaluation of Geographical Resources in Safranbolu and Determination of Safranbolu Tourism Destination’s Geotourism Potential
Geological diversity is one of the main factors that inform about a geographical area’s natural structure, identity and culture. Geological provinces are in the form of natural open air museum for visitors. Geotourism as a tourism type, based on travels to geological areas had been increased its market share in recent years. The main purpose of this work is evaluation of geographical resources of Safranbolu destination about jeotourism potential which have geological diversity. In this context, within the scope of this research there are four canyons, one cave with karst landforms, one river valley, mountainous terrain and rupicolous landforms are determined which are eligible for geotuourism activities. On the other hand, according to SWOT analysis’ results, strengths such as current tourism infrastructure, identifiability, geographical location, cultural wealth, opportunities such as lack of competition in goetourism market, plant diversity are determined for Safranbolu. According to results, Safranbolu destination is determined eligible for geotourism activities.

Geological Diversity, Geological Resources, Safranbolu, Geotourism

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