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The Analysis of Turkey’s Tourism Education Regarding Service Quality Throughout the Tourism Sector
Nowadays, tourism activities generate a significant source of revenue for many countries’ economies in which labor is the main component. The main reason for this is that tourism services are labor-intensive. The goods based on service regarding their attributes; can not be stored and should be used at the production area due to the lag between time of production and consumption. Thus it is important to provide the highest quality. Many studies show that the level of education directly affects the level of service quality. This research aims to assess and analyze the content of bachelor degree tourism education in Turkey by evaluating through the qualitative method of content analysis. The findings obtained from this study suggest most bachelor level Tourism programs (as specified by the Tourism Faculty at the department of Tourism Management and Research) showed that there was a high quantity of lessons emphasizing tourism as a profession. In this regard, it is imperative that graduates in addition to middle and senior level managers in the sector have a strong foundation of knowledge about the sector.

Service Quality, Vocational Education, Tourism Education.

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