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Informatics Revolution, Cybernetics Communication and Strategic Public Relations
Improvement of technology has been continuing with unstoppable speed. New gadgets belonging to new technologies has been decorating showcases day by day. These Technologies are tremendously successful. Machines’ having human like properties, which was seen as utopic in old times, confronts us with a situation which is confronted as normal and is expected to occur. Web technologies which have been revealed via these changes, have sat in our lives in virtual world, cyber world, and cyber culture. These technologies which have started to give direction to our lives, have succeeded to effect whole disciplines directly or indirectly from science to art, from culture to history. Public relations field, which has to follow the change closely, has been benefiting from technology’s blessings. The transformation of public relations in cyber age confronts us as a new research area. The notions which have entered to our live via virtual world and virtual live, the relation between cybernetic communication and cybernetic culture and in which position public relations stand in cyber age, are research field of this work. Definitions of notions of cyber age will be done with this work, and the birth of notions will be mentioned, and the relation between them will be looked at. As a result of research, it is targeted to compose source for new studies via the judgement which will be passed on and commenting of research.

Informatics, cybernetic, strategic public relations, cybernetic communication, cybernetic age

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