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A Study on User Preferences Towards Lathe Materials Used in the Kitchen of Housing of Usak Province of Banaz District
In this study, Uşak Banaz district of families with different socio-economic and cultural levels constitute the urban areas (lower / middle / upper / SED) cuisine is selected pieces 196 by the sampling random method, making the determination of the kitchen table kind of material, one of the kitchen fixed equipment elements connected to this diversity as to why the choice was investigated. In this study, the datas were obtained in the form of face-to-face survey. Families are examined in terms of prevalence of use of the kitchen counter top materials and according to the result, it seems that families prefer materials as marble mostly and the laminate coating, werzalite, acrylic, the quartz-based stone and ceramic materials. Least. These materials are seems to be prefered because marble, quartz-based stone, marble and wood and werzalite and quartz-based stone circle is related quartz-based stone, acrylic stone, ceramic, marble and is resistant to mermerit the substance: quartz based stones, werzalite, acrylic stone, cultured marble and granite mechanical (impact, abrasion and etc. scratch) is resistant to the effects of: acrylic stone, quartz based stones, werzalite, granite and marble and wood physical (water absorption, humidity, temperature, etc.) against impact resistant.

Kitchen Counter, Counter Materials, Consumer.

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