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The Outlook of Social Media Marketing in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: A Research in Sinop
Social media that coalesced with the casual life in a short time, also attracted the attention of varisized businesses that need to keep in step with the increasing competition circumstances in present day. Social media presents a lot of opportunities such as promotion of social media service and products not only to the big businesses, but also to the SMEs which are in a position of being the dynamics of a national economy. Whether SMEs discern these opportunities or not is the problem of this study. In this context, the aim of this study is to designate the SME’s attitudes of doing marketing over social media. In this study the outlook of SME to the social media were examined. The data were gathered from SMEs with the help of a questionnaire which is conducted face to face. In this study, twenty six variables have been constituted. After the factor analysis three dimensions of outlook of the social media marketing have occured. Factor analysis was supported with partial confirmatory factor analysis. Hypothesis testing is also added in this study. According to the survey results; they have partially positive attitudes towards social media usage.

SME, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Partial Confirmatory Factor Analysis

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