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Ebu'sh-Sheikh, Hadisçilik Activities and Works
Isfahan was conquered at the time of Hz. Omar. In the following years of conquest, many ravi of sahabî, tabiûn, tebeu't-tabiîn and other strata came to Isfahan and narrated the hadith. Thus, city gained an important accumulation in the hadith scholarship and many works were written by the scholars of the city. This situation has become accumulation in some families and has been transformed into a scientific tradition by transferring generations from generation to generation. One of the family members of this tradition is Abu'sh-Sheikh, who was born in Isfahan and died in this city. The reason for the selection of my research subject is that no study has been done in Turkey regarding Ebu'sh-Sheikh (v. 369/979). In our research, the life, the proponents, the tales, the rises, the hadiths and the works have been determined as the field of investigation and tried to give information about them. Ebu'sh-Sheikh began to learn science at an early age because his family belonged to a scientific tradition. After receiving the instruction of his own town, he undertook the activities of the period, which is the custom of the period, in this context went to places such as Basra, Kufa, Mosul, Cezirre and Hijaz and benefited from scholars in these cities. He has written works related to tafsir, hadith, history and jihad based on the information he has obtained. For this reason, it should not be a mistake to call it muhaddis, fakih, müfessir and müverrih. Apart from the above sciences, he also learned and taught curriculum. Among his works, Tabakâtu'l-Muhaddisîn bi Isfahan, especially about Isfahan history and ravins, has a great significance for the fact that other works related to the history of Isfahan, which had been received before him, could not be sunk.

Abu'sh-Sheikh, Isfahan, Hadistism.

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