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The Justice Phenomenon and a Sociological and Historical Analysis of the Development of Social Welfare
It is observed that the Justice has always been one of the most discussed phenomenon all along the human history when approached through its philosophical side and applied sides. At the process of wealthy nation's occurrence, the approaches for justice have been effective. In that, the system called as social welfare has mostly come up on the basis of justice when overcoming the socio economic problems. When approached to the process of justice phenomenon and social welfare, many philosophers are seen to have studies related to these subject, that's why the social scientists,who have vital benefit to the enhancement of social theory, have approaches to the social welfare term. In this point, Rawls, Habermas and Foucault have advanced their social analysis through a path in which they combine justice term with social theory. For each of them, it can absolutely be said that they are all very crucial for sociological thought even in 21. century for their benefits to the social theory together with justice and social welfare. In this study, Rawls, Habernas and Foucalt's approaches will be evaluated starting from early modern age by critically reading the welfare nation, social problems and justice during the shaping of societies. In this context, when discussing about the occurrence of welfare nation in the historical process, social problems will be handled with the reflections of globalization process and historical analysis will be performed.

Justice, social problems, Rawls, Habermas, Foucault, social justice.

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