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Financing of Social Security in Europe: A Research on Different Welfare States
In Europe, the financing of the social security system varies from country to country, and these differences are linked to countries' welfare models. There are two basic systems for financing social security: the tax system (Beveridge model) and the prime based (Bismarck model) systems. It is observed that in recent years, there has been a mixed system of two systems approaching each other, while maintaining the existence of different models depending on social traditions in Europe. In the study, firstly Bismarck, Beveridge and Karma models were mentioned, then welfare models were explained in terms of health systems. Developed countries are classified according to specific qualities and criteria in terms of social welfare services and are divided into different welfare state categories. One of the important studies in the literature in this regard is Esping Andersen's welfare model. Esping-Andersen, prosperity models; The liberal welfare model, the conservative welfare model and the social-democratic welfare model. Leibried has added the Southern European Model as a fourth world, the framework that gave the name of the three worlds of prosperous capitalism. The purpose of the study is to address the policy of financing the social security systems applied in different welfare states and to shed light on the future of the social security system in Turkey with the experience gained in determining the location of Turkey within the welfare models and within the framework of the determined model.

Social Security, Welfare State, Financing of Social Security

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