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Measurement of Service Quality in Education Sector: The Example of Student Affairs Unit
It is quite difficult to measure the quality expectations of the clientele due to the fact that concrete products come into prominence rather than abstract ones in the businesses offering service to the society. However, the scale of SERVQUAL is recommended with regard to measuring the service quality. This research assesses the services of student affairs unit which is one of the services presented by high educational institutions through the student perspective. Within this context, all relevant data are collected from 507 university students by means of a plain and random sample survey method in the academical year of 2014-2015. After an analysis of the data, the research has reached to five dimensions concerning the services offered by student affairs unit which include reliability, enthusiasm, empathy, trust and physical features. As part of these dimensions the service quality perceived and expected from the Student Affairs Unit of Karabük University is compared and its SERVQUAL score is calculated as -0,49. This result indicates that the said student affairs unit enjoys a good position regarding the service quality. Nevertheless it is still in need of little arrangements in order to enhance the service quality.

Service, the service quality, SERVQUAL, student affairs.

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