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Concept of Multiculturalism and Multiplicity of Sense
As of 1970, Canada and Australia have adopted multicultural politics and the concept since then has been a disputed one. Multiculturalism is a relatively new concept and culture in it refers to different communities, which makes it a political term. In the second half of twentieth century cultural communities that have emerged due to immigration to western countries have also become an issue in multiculturalism debates. As a concept multiculturalism implies differences given in a society. Multiculturalist approaches has parallelism with some thoughts emerging in twentieth century. Especially multiple perspectives on definition and sense are most important views. Multiplicity in sense based on multiplicity forms intellectual platform for identifying a cultural group. Within this context sense opposes idealism and determinism. But that kind of multiplicity related with multiculturalism doesn’t adhere to a root. Relations between multiplicity and multiculturalism from this point of view give way to difference in the realm of existing.

Multiculturalism, Immigration, Sense, Difference, Multiplicity

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