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The Impact of Product Features on Attitudes of Individuals
This research was conducted to determine the effect of product characteristics and the most important features on the attitudes of individuals. Using a non-random sampling method, 480 respondents aged 18 and over living in the districts of Nicosia, Kyrenia, and Famagusta in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus were selected and face to face questionnaires were conducted. In the study, T-test (independent samples t test) was used in order to determine the differences between variables of district, age, monthly income and occupation. Respondents were asked to compare the size of the training cases is related child with Mann-Whitney U Test and Kruskal-Wallis H Test were applied in order to determine the differences between educational status of respondents. In order to find out the differences between the district, age, monthly income, and occupation, one way Anova (one way ANOVA) was applied and to determine the different group Tukey test was used.

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