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The Analysis and Assessment of Hadith Narrations about Reciting and Touching the Quran During Women’s Special Circumstances
In today’s world, topics focusing on women and issues that are specific to women’s special circumstances (menses, post-natal etc) remain on the agenda. Recently, as a result of some developments and some groups’ marginal thoughts, new discussions have emerged. Throughout Islam’s history, the question of how menstrual cycle and other experiences specific to women should affect their religious duties has always been the topic of discussion. Our study titled “The analysis and assessment of Hadith narrations about reciting and touching the Quran during women’s special circumstances (menses, post natal bleeding, etc..)” is comprised of two separate headings; “The analysis and assessment of Hadith narrations concerning women’s reciting the Quran during their special circumstances” and “The analysis and assessment of Hadith narrations concerning women’s touching the Quran during special circumstances”. Since there is no specific ruling mentioned in the Quran whether women can recite Quran during menstruation, various opinions were put forward by Islamic scholars in relation to reciting the Quran during menstruation. While one group of scholars state that “women are forbidden to touch the Quran during menstruation”, another group argues that it is “permissible”. In contrast, “they are forbidden to touch but are permitted to look ” is another variation of argument that was put forward by some other scholars in the form of fatwas. From this perspective all Hadith narrations that served as evidence for given three form of fatwas were analysed and examined. The data obtained from this study are shared in the Results section.

Menstruation, Special circumstances in worship, Citation of the hadith, Hadith criticism.

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