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The Views of Housewives towards Touristic Local Food Production: The Case of Bartın Province
The travel reasons of tourists, who travel on gastronomy and cultural tourism, are local foods. However, in many destinations about experiencing of local foods, tourists encounter some problems (aesthetics, taste, quality, hygiene, price). In overcoming these troubles local food service providers' need to be made sufficiently qualitative and quantitative. the purpose of this study is to reveal housewives' viewpoints about producing local dishes for tourists and to inclusive them to tourism. For this purpose, data were collected from 420 housewives, lived in Bartın, an important destination of culture and coastal tourism, by surveying method. according to result of the analysis, it has been determined that the attitudes of housewives towards local foods are shaped by the production, education, entrepreneurship and menu sub-dimensions. In addition, a classification for the local dishes of Bartın province was made in terms of the view of housewives

Tourism, local dishes. housewives, viewpoint, Bartın.

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