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A Research on Nomophobia Levels of Vocational College Students
Developing communication and information technologies have changed the use of mobile devices and smart phones. Smart phones have become an important part of individuals' lives. Smartphones offer many benefits that will make life easier for individuals but overuse can cause some problems. One of these problems is nomophobia. This study aims to explore the nomophobia levels of vocational college students. The data had been collected through survey. It had been reached 228 students in total. In this study, data were analsed using averages, independent t-test and confirmatory factor analysis for scale validity. The study results shown that students' nomophobia scores are above the scale average. According to the results of the research, the nomophobia averages of women and men are statistically different. The confirmatory factor analysis result shown that the scale provides structural validity. Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient had beed used in assessing the reliability of the scale. In this study, Nomophobia scale reliability is found 0.935 and the scale has high reliability.

Nomophobia, Smart Phones, Vocational College Students

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