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Ecotourism Practices in Ordu Province, the Kabakdağı and Kayabaşı Cases
This research aims to reveal the process of initiating ecotourism enterprises in the Kabakdağı and Kayabaşı Districts of Ordu province, to determine the characteristics of the services and activities offered to visitors, to identify the operational problems of the enterprises and to develop solutions to these problems. The interview method was used as a qualitative method and the interview form was developed by the researchers. The three-part interview form consists of open-ended questions. The collected data were evaluated with descriptive content analysis. Small groups of domestic and international visitors are hosted in the local houses, visitors are offered local dishes, games and sightseeing services. The most striking results obtained from the study were; the marketing problems of the ecotourism enterprises, the lack of local support, and the certification problems of the enterprises. Establishing and sustaining ecotourism enterprises requires considerable amount of effort. In this context, there is a need for entrepreneurs who are capable of organizing. The ecotourism activities carried out in Kabakdağı are more comprehensive and serve as a model for other villages in the region in many respects. In Kayabaşı, due to the fact that it is close to the city center and the university, infrastructure works have been completed and this region is promising area in terms of ecotourism. The development of rural tourism based on ecotourism in Ordu province will contribute to the rural development and decrease rural migration.

Ecotourism, Ordu province, Kabakdağı, Kayabaşı.

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