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Editing and Sound/Music Design in Advertising Film Post-Production
Commercials have gained great importance to reach the target audience due to the rapid development and spread in the technology of cinema, television and digital media. A careful planning and realizing each stage in production is crucial for the success of the commercial. A successful commercial is designed in a process ranging from pre-production in which the message of the commercial is carefully prepared, and production in which the audio-visual material is recorded and to post-production in which all the filmic elements are assembled together creatively. The creative personnel in production team contribute to produce an effective advertising message. In the present conditions film production, and with the help of developing digital technology, post-production has a much more decisive role in producing a creative and persuasive advertising message which will help to increase sales. Meanwhile, there is a lack of relevant literature on commercial film production, which includes both advertising and film production fields, in Turkish language. Therefore, this study aims to investigate the place, the importance and the function of editing and sound-music design processes in the post-production of commercials using literature in the field.

Advertising film making, post-production, editing/visual design, sound/music design

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