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Investigation of the Climate Comfort Conditions of Kastamonu-Çatalzeytin and its Surroundings in terms of Ecotourism Activities
Climatic factors are crucial for ecotourism activities in natural environment. The ability of an ecotourism area to compete with other regions is directly linked to climate comfort. Turkey has many different climate zones. In the literature, climatic temperature comfort for Turkey is stated as between 16.7 °C and 24.7 °C. TR8 West side of Black Sea is a region with many alternatives for ecotourism, because of the geographic location, presence of natural resources and various climatic features. The study was carried out in Çatalzeytin district and its surrounding. The study area, which is 105 km away from the central district of Kastamonu, enables various ecotourism activities such as trekking, photo safari, camping, edible wild fruit collection, plant observing and horse riding. In this study, relation between ecotourism activities and climatic comfort also scientific studies on climatic comfort were examined and the climate data obtained from the Kastamonu Meteorology Directorate were evaluated. Moreover, Tourism Climate Index (TCI) which was examined the temperature, wind, humidity and rainfall data related to touristic locations together is utilized. According to the tourism climate index 60% to 69% destinations are suitable for tourism and considered "good". In this context, when the study area in according to the tourism climate index was "very good" with a of 74% in July and September; in January, February, March, May, June, August and November with the rate is between 60% and 70% values is described "good". It has been determined that Çatalzeytin and its surroundings are well usable for ecotourism activities as an alternative to coastal tourism in terms of climate comfort.

Climate comfort, Ecotourism activities, Kastamonu-Çatalzeytin.

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