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A Field Study on Competitiveness of Tourism in TRB2 Region
Public managers, local authorities and tourism decision makers who have seen the tourism as a change and development tool in regional development, have also included the cities in the process of competition. This process has ensured the cities or regions to position and market touristic resources according their competitors. Surely, even though national and international conjuncture have a share in the success of this strategy, the main determinant is related to the local dynamics. However, the information of how the current dynamics are perceived by tourism decision makers is important. In this context, it is essential to find out how tourism enterprises evaluate the current situation. For this purpose, a field study conducted in Bitlis, Hakkari, Muş and Van cities which is called TRB 2 region. The questionnaire consists of 13 multiple choice questions and 34 Likert scale proposals has been applied on 260 employees working in tourism sector. The study shows that there are differences about the competitiveness at the city level and are generally good about the touristic values that are the subject of tourism. However they stated that the level of competitiveness about infrastructure, accessibility, national fragility and regional problems is insufficient. It is an original study as it is conducted at regional level and it aims to measure the level of competition in tourism industry in TBR2 region.

Tourism Sector, TRB2 Region, Competition

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