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Representation of Women in Political Caricatures: The 1950 General Elections and the Objectified Woman
In addition to being humorous, caricatures are also a tool that reflects political, cultural, social, and gender related intentions of the society from which they emerge. In this sense, caricatures are important both as a political communication tool and as a source that reflects the social structure of the period. Although 1950 Elections was the second election within the multi-party system, it is one of the most significant general elections in Turkey in terms of the political atmosphere and the government-opposition conflicts it created. Newspapers, being the most important political communication tool of the period, have been both the channel for news and at the same time, manipulative mirrors that present us the social life of the period. In this respect, every item on the newspaper presents us important data concerning that period. In spite of the fact that the woman image created by the early republican period was portrayed as educated, in modern outfit and as the militant defender of the republic, in Turkey, women have usually been considered as the passive, devoted, faithful and acceptable mother individuals of the social structure. This study examines the political positioning of women in the caricatures that were published in the newspapers concerning 1950 General Elections. The study aims to find out whether women were presented as a political object or subject in the caricatures related with 1950 General Elections through critical discourse analysis. The caricatures chosen were published on the front pages of the two prominent national newspapers of the period, Vatan and Ulus along with two local newspapers from İzmir, Demokrat İzmir and Yeni Asır. It is aimed that the data obtained from this research will contribute both to the identification of the position of women in public and political spheres in that period and to political caricature studies.

Political caricature, 1950 general election, the representation of women.

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