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The Reasons for the Occurrence of Multiculturalism in Canada
We are in a period in which local/identity and cultural benefits are expressed more intensely, while some individuals/groups in the modern era undervalue common universal values such as citizenship and political rights. Precise evaluations of this process reveal differences between the people making requests and the people listening to these requests as usual. No matter how it is limited in terms of identification or content, multiculturalism carries an emphasis on the differences in social life, in the end. The search for the answer to the question how it will be put into practice rises after the theoretical acceptions. Although the causes that these problems emerge from support each other, they can be different, too. Multiculturalism, which refers to the practice towards the recognition of cultural differences in the most general sense, refers to a series of policies that emerge after various social transformations, at the same time. Unforeseen factors that show up contrary to expectations often lie behind multiculturalism finding itself a field of practice. Various authors have underlined different or common factors from time to time.In addition to this, discussions and answers about multiculturalist policies of multiculturalist societies have not yet brought clarity. This process is also the case in Canada, a place where it is practised. Although Canada is a country that makes multiculturalism practical, discussions continue here and it is impossible to predict whether or not a new solution will cause new problematic areas. This study tries to find an answer to the question of how multiculturalism has occured by specifically considering Canada.

Multicultural Society, Multiculturalism, Canada, Quebec

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