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The Use of Short Story as a Learning/Teaching Tool in ELT/EFL Classes: “The Necklace” By Guy De Maupassant
The aim of this paper is to illustrate effective use of short stories in ELT/EFL classes. It is so clear that literature is an important and essential tool in language learning and teaching. Besides, using short story in ELT/EFL classes has some distinctive advantages compared to the other literary genres such as poetry, drama and novel. In this study, positive side of using short story in language learning and teaching classes is reinforced through the analysis of the short story “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupasant. The first reason for choosing “The Necklace” as an exemplary short story for such an analysis is that it has about 2890 words in total and can be read at one sitting. The second reason, as it has been further delineated in the study, is that it has almost all the aspects required for a traditional short story analysis. As a conclusion, it is put forward that the linguistic and literary analysis of the short story “The Necklace” in this paper suggests a good example of using the short story as a learning/teaching tool in ELT/EFL classes. And also, it has once more proved that language learning/teaching and literature is integrated all the time and will always walk together hand in hand.

ELT, EFL, Short Story, The Necklace, Guy De Maupassant

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