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Examination of Ethnobothanic Diversity of Eskişehir in the context of Ecogastronomic Activities
Nutrition is one of the most important physiological needs. In prehistoric times, people have traveled long distances to reach the food in order to meet their nutritional needs. As a result of these displacements, human beings have accumulated a wealth of experience and considerable knowledge about many plants and vegetable foods for nourishment and healing. While domesticated plants were produced, plants that could not be produced continued to be collected and used. Thus, a botanical culture transmitted from generation to generation has been created. Eskisehir is home to a rich variety of plants and is a city that embraces many civilizations and cultures. For this reason, the usage of plants are quite wide. Because of its location and as Eskişehir is affected by continental, the Aegean and Marmara climates it is a home of many edible and non-edible plant species. The main purpose of this research is to determine the plant species which are grown in natural environment in Eskişehir province and consumed by local people and to examine it in terms of eco gastronomy. Thus, it is aimed to contribute to the sustainability of plant species growing in the region. In this study, a total of 129 plant species were identified which grow naturally in and around Eskisehir, consumed by the locals and used for therapeutic purposes.

Ethnobothany, Eco-Gastronomy, Gastronomy, Eskişehir.

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