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The Family in the Film “Somuncu Baba” Taken in Aksaray
The family establishment which has always kept its role of being social unity of socities has been accepted as the core of social structure during the historical process. It consists of spouse and children. The family structure has not stayed the same during the life in a community throughout the history, because it has radical changes in the process of time. The Islamic religion has added new dimensions to the family by evaluating it in the Islamic rules. The family in Islam has been regarded as the environment in which individuals feel at peace, the means to sustain continues generation and the means to avoid various badness. The family in Turkish society, which continues the historical development, has been strengthen by being composed with the Islamic rules after the acceptance of Islam. The leaders who guide the society set an example to the family life with their private life. Turkish – Islamic morality is composed with the mystic morality based on the intangible treatment by dealing with the spritual behavior in Islamic culture and civilization in the film “Somuncu Baba” taken in Aksaray, which represents one of Islamic leader of Anatolian. Moreover, morality in the family in Islam is described as a representative model by considering the family ethics in Turkish society and mystic opinion in Islam. The legal marriage being the legal basis of starting a family in the presence of the witness and pray for safety of the family are also included in the film. The family law that states mutual duties among family members is composed with the alturism of women. Marriage is accepted as one of essential realities in social life. It is also blessed on the basis of privacy, solidarity, love and loyalty. The knowledge that the father teaches it to his child, the way of his discipline and good morality is presented in the film emphasizing the role and the importance of the father in the family. Moreover, the respect of the child for his father is shown when the dominance of the father with respect to soul and sense is emphasized during the film. This research aims to present the effect of Islamic mysticism on the family in Turkish society, Turk cinema the history after Islamic mysticism has expanded to Anatolian and the connection between past and future of the family by evaluating the film “Somuncu Baba.”

Islamic mysticism, Family, cinema, Law, Turks

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