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The Impact of Public Spots on Giving up Smoking
Smoking addiction is seen as a major problem both in our country and all over the world. Despite cigarette causes serious health problems, it continues to be consumed. There are also increasing efforts to determine the negative effects of cigarette on the members of the society. Along with that information and awareness campaigns have been continuing on many different platforms for abandoning smoking habits. It is very important to make efforts and raise awareness to inform the public about the damages of the cigarette which negatively affect the users who use it physically, spiritually and economically. In order to reduce the consumption of cigarette, which is a serious threat to public health in our country, various activities are carried out by means of civil society organizations and government institutions. One of these works is public spots broadcast via mass media. In this context, it is important to determine whether these compulsory publications, which aim to raise awareness of the members of the community about the effects and consequences of cigarettes on human health are influential on people's smoking behavior or not. In general the aim of this study is to determine whether public spots related to cigarette quit campaigns and in particular using cigarette on influence the smoking behavior of individuals or not. According to the survey, 90 percent of participants think that smoking cessation campaigns can have an impact on people. Additionally, 30 per cent of the respondents indicated that public spots had a positive effect on smoking behavior.

Smoking cessation, Public spots, Public spot on the media

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