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The Analysis of The Development Board with Governance Approach in the Case of Izmir Development Agency
Regional Development Agencies are organizations established to contribute to regional development since 1930. They developed and implemented strategies for regional development. They were established according to the right-to-up organization model. This model is based on the transfer of some of powers and responsibilities of central government to local actors. This transfer of authority is defined as transition from management to governance. The governance approach implemented in Regional Development Agencies has been criticized with these reasons political such as to highlighting the capital segment and to excluding the workers; economical as not not to distribute regional welfare among the social segments; and social such as neglecting the social development. Regional Development Agencies in Turkey have been established since 2006. They have been organized in the form of Development Board, the Secretariat General and the Investment Support Office. In Regional Development Agencies governance approach was first applied to the Development Board which is composed of local actors. The purpose of the study Regional Development Agencies in Turkey Izmir Development Agency Development Board is to analyze the process of formation and functioning with the governance approach. The subject was examined by qualitative research methods using document analysis technique. As a result of the analysis Izmir Development Agency’s approach to the governance in terms of the distribution of the members of the Development Board in terms of public, private and civil sectors and the working group and the working committee formed in the committee are as follows; it was also considered that the members were partially applying for participation in the meeting.

Regional Development Agency, Governance, Izmir Development Agency, Development Board, Public-Private

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