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Similar Words between Turkish & Hindi (Urdu) Languages in terms of the Open and Closed Class Morphemes
The historic cultural change between Turkish and the Indians is traced back to the ancient times. Although geographically apart, the people of these regions with different cultures, ethnic backgrounds and languages have been affecting and influencing each other. Urdu is an Indo-Aryan language and variously known as Hindi, Hindavi and Dehlavi. Hindi (Urdu) is such a language that it easily accepts words from other languages. There is no doubt that Hindi (Urdu) shares words with Turkish language and these words are present in Turkish. Even though Turkish language belongs to the southern-western branch of Altaic family of languages and it has many dialects, Urdu took many words from Turkish. The aim of the study is to sum up the history of the Turkish and Hindi (Urdu) languages briefly and then to examine the Turkish influence on it and identify at the common words in two languages. It is identified that there are 252 words similar. These words, which can normally be understood by Indians and Turkish, are picked up for examining lexically. Then the similar words between the Turkish and Hindi (Urdu) languages are analyzed in terms of the open and closed class morphemes.

Hindi (Urdu) language, Turkish language, similar words, open-closed class morphemes

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