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Conceptual Comprehension Levels of Prospective Science Teachers on the Subject of Cell Organelles
The purpose of this study is to find out the misconceptions of prospective teachers who took the General Biology I course and to measure their level of information on the subject of cell organelles. Results and suggestions will be presented about which concepts are remembered easily and which information is forgotten. Finding out on which subjects students’ misconceptions intensify, which subjects and concepts students have difficulties in learning and developing a learning environment and method based on these is very important in science teaching. The study was conducted with 45 prospective teachers in their third year at Sinop University, Faculty of Education, department of Science Teaching. Qualitative research method was used in the study. The students were given a form including 13 open ended questions on the subject of cell organelles. The data obtained were analyzed through content analysis method. It was found that although the students included in the study took General Biology I course in the second year of their undergraduate education, they could not remember some important concepts about especially the subject of organelles or they had erroneous or incomplete information. Considering the data obtained, various suggestions were given to correct the existing incomplete or wrong information and to reach permanent information.

Cell organelles, Prospective science teachers, Conceptual comprehension level

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