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A Cultural Analysis on the Traces of Nomadic Life in Yoruks who Settled down: The Case of Yoruk Village
The purpose of this research is to draw attention to the tangible and intangible cultural values of Yoruk village and to examine the traces of the nomadic life of Yoruks who have settled in the Yörük village. In this study, observation, interviewing and document analysis methods within the framework of qualitative research were used. Research was carried out on a working group consisting of 6 participants selected from the inhabitants of the Yoruk Village by purposive sampling. The data obtained from the interviews and observation forms were analyzed through content analysis in the qualitative research. In the research, while there are few elements reflecting the nomadic life style; considering the interviews with participants and observations, there were many elements reflecting the settled life culture. Participants stated remarkable views on the characteristics of the living space, agriculture, husbandary, trade, the culture of sharing the pain and joy among the individuals in the society which are indicators of the settled living culture. They emphasized that the deterioration and individualization in personal relations in the society, in particular, led to significant disengagements in social relations. The participants pointed out that it is necessary to carry out comprehensive studies and important initiatives in order not to lose important values reflecting the essence of the nomad culture.

Nomadic lifestyle, Sedentary culture, Cultural change, Yoruk Village

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