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A Research on Revisit Intention of Local Tourists to Ilgaz Mountain Destination
Winter tourism, which has an important place in the developing tourism sector each passing day, is especially preferred by high income level tourists. Skiing is the most preferred recreational activity in the context of winter tourism. Ilgaz Ski Centre, which is located within the boundaries of Ilgaz Mountain National Park within the borders of Kastamonu and Çankırı provinces, is also one of the main places to ski in Turkey. Ilgaz ski center's incline of slope, sufficient recreational activities and accommodation facilities in and around the ski centre, satisfaction from chair lift, availabity and reasonable price of the ski equipment are important for satisfaction of local tourists visiting Ilgaz ski centre. Satisfaction will increase the revisit intention of tourists and they will recommend the destination to their relations. The aim of this study is to reveal the factors determining the satisfaction of people visiting the Ilgaz mountain ski resort and examining their holiday satisfaction and attitudes towards revisiting the destination. In order to reach research purposes, firstly, an in-depth literature research was conducted. A questionnaire form was prepared using the secondary data. A sample was constituted from local tourists visiting Ilgaz ski centre. In the sample, convenience sampling, method, judicatory and volunteering approaches were used. The data were collected by face-to-face interviews and also "drop and collect" approach. Data on demographic structure were analyzed by frequency and percentage and data on visitor satisfaction and revisit intentions were analyzed by a statistical package program commonly used in social sciences. Statistical methods such as arithmetic mean and factor analysis were used in the analyzes. As a result of factor analysis, a four-dimensional structure that determines the satisfaction of the guests has been obtained and these dimensions were called skiing facilities, recreation facilities, product and service quality, accessibility. The results reveal that although local tourists visiting Ilgaz Ski Centre were generally satisfied with ski facilities and the products and services offered by accommodation and food and beverage enterprises, they were not satisfied with shopping facilities. The results of this study also showed that a great majority of local tourists were enthusiastic about revisiting Ilgaz Ski Resort and recommend it to other people.

Visitor Satisfaction, Intention to Revisit, Winter Tourism, Ilgaz Ski Resort

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