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The Perspective of Academicians on Competitiveness Level of Turkish Aquaculture Sector
One of the rapid growing sectors of Turkey is also aquaculture sector. From 1970s, the sector has got ahead in terms of its capacity, technologically and human resources, and according to statistics of 2016, it has finally supplied 40% of total fisheries production in Turkey. It is thought that it needs to determine the competitiveness level of the sector which it will continue its growth in future, and it is necessary to develop administrative strategies related to this. In this study, it was aimed that being determined of perspective of academicians on competitiveness level of Turkish aquaculture sector. Porter’s Diamond Model, which is accepted as most common model for explaining competitiveness level and developed by Michael E. Porter, was used in this study. According to result of this study, Porter’s five forces are Intensity of competitive rivalry (3,64±0,12), Threat of substitute products or services (3,57±0,14), Bargaining power of suppliers (3,33±0,11), Bargaining power of buyers (3,17±0,11) and Threat of new entrants (2,63±0,12) respectively. In addition to this, according to academicians, it has been understood that the generic strategy approach of a firm on the sector should be Differentiation. When it is considered that the most important force of Porter’s five forces is intensity of competitive rivalry, it may be suggested to differentiate the product or production process for a firm that wants to increase its competitive power. Moreover, the corners of diamond model are Factor conditions (3,79±0,05), Firm strategy, structure and rivalry (3,60±0,06), The Role of Chance (3,60±0,09), Demand conditions (3,13±0,06), The Role of Government (3,06±0,06) and Related and supporting industries (2,78±0,07) respectively. As a result of this study, the competitiveness level of Turkish aquaculture sector from academicians point of view is determined as 3,31±0,04 (middle).

Aquaculture, Competitiveness, Micheal E. Porter, Diamond Model

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